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From the tip of their nose to the end of their tail, the RagaMuffin embodies the perfect feline companion. A RagaMuffin is a feast for the eyes but the most important part of the breed is an experience of the heart. With one look into their large expressive eyes and sweet cherubic face, the RagaMuffin will steal your heart. Just like the best things in life … one is never enough!
 RagaMuffins grow to be one of the largest cats in the cat fancy with an easy-to-care-for medium to medium long, full coat that resists matting. It has a soft rabbit-like texture. The fur tends to grow straight out from the body, enabling you to rub against the grain, which they love for you to do. RagaMuffins can be found in nearly every color of the kitty rainbow both with and without white and in every conceivable pattern. They view the world through eyes of nearly every color and hue; from the deepest copper to the awesome aqua of the mink.


They enjoy having their tummies rubbed and will often lay on their backs in invitation. These huggable, lovable felines have the ability to go limp in your arms. Maturity is reached between four and five years of age, and the RagaMuffin remains playful throughout their adult life.

Personality: The most captivating aspect of the RagaMuffin is their sweet, lovable personality. That personality is what makes the RagaMuffin so unique. They have the ability to win over any person when they turn on their charm. They are endearing animals that seek out love and attention. They make wonderful therapy cats as well as cherished family pets. They tend to bond with their owners quickly. Most of them will develop traits associated with puppies such as following their family around the house and waiting at the door to greet them. Ragamuffins are very intelligent, easily taught to walk on a leash and may be taught to do tricks such as fetching, rolling over, and sitting up to beg, etc. They get along well with children, dogs and other cats.

History: In February 1994, a large group of breeders petitioned ACFA for recognition. They were accepted as an Experimental Breed. The breeders worked to meet the requirements to move from Experimental into NBC (New Breed or Color), becoming an ACFA Championship Breed in 2001.





















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