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Lin-Qing Lion Cat Breed Synopsis




  Lin-Qing Lion Cat Breed Standard



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The breeding and formation of Lin-qingLion Cat is closely related to the introduction of Islam and the opening of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

Originated in Lin-qingCity of Shandong Province

Hybrid of the original Persian cat and the local domestic cat (also said to be crossed with Angora) dating back to 651 A.D.


There are two legends about their origin:

    1. Descendant of the Turkish Ankara cat originating in Xinjiang, China
    2. Cross of the Persian Cat to the local domestic cat by the Lin-qing people to breed a cat that resembles a little lion




Similar to the Persian cat, but no short muzzle or upturned nose

Robust body

Strong, resistant to disease and cold

Expert at rat catching















Lin-Qing Lion Cat
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