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Exotic Shorthair Breed Synopsis




  Exotic Shorthair Breed Standard





The exotic shorthair is a man made breed. The breed was created in the early 1950's by some Persian breeders who wanted the look of the Persian without the work of the long hair.   American shorthairs, some Burmese and possibly some British Shorthairs were bred with the Persians to create the shorthair cat.   Once the type of the Persian was achieved, these other breeds were eliminated from the breeding programs.   The exotic shorthair is a robust, cobby cat with short legs, round head, short snub nose and large round eyes.

The standard allows for Persian to exotic shorthair breeding, exotic shorthair to exotic shorthair breeding, Himalayan to exotic shorthair breeding, and longhair exotic to shorthair exotic breeding. They have a wonderful temperament and are good cats in all kinds of living arrangements. The exotic shorthair comes in all colors and patterns.








Breed Chair
Janet Rook